#5 Do I really need to go to the gym?

So one of the major things that makes me feel real good is moving – it hasn’t always been the case, that is until I made a discovery… I only choose movement that makes me feel GOOD. I’ve punished myself enough it’s time to find the joy!

A tip my dietician gave me was “If you can still do it when you’re 70, start now”, so for me right now that’s walking, stretching, yoga (my little boys like to join in too), rebounding and Ballet Barre.

I like to walk every day. A rule I came up with is — all I need to do is walk 10 minutes a day. This works for me because it’s a great little trick for my brain. I’ll go for that walk and 10 minutes in I’ll not even notice and just keep going. 30 minutes later I’m home and exceeded my goal. Awesome. It literally works every time.

If I’m not feeling great I will only do the 10 minutes. Exercise is really great for the head. I eat the food and amount I do to lose (or now maintain) my weight, but I walk for my sanity.

In the 9 months it took me to lose the majority of the 75kgs the only movement I did consistently was walk. I started post surgery with 2 mins around the hospital corridors with my physio – that was quite interesting if I can share – I ended up walking past the cardiac ward thinking to myself, “I’m going to do this right now so that I don’t end up here” as I said a little prayer for the patients that were. Then once I got home it was 5 mins a day on the treadmill building up every few days to go longer & longer.

I ended up getting creative with it – I’d take my 2 little boys down to the park so they could play soccer while I did laps. Listening to a great playlist of music or this really cool walking meditation I found (check out www.erinstutland.com) she’s a little mental & I love her!

Or watching my fave show while on the treadmill – like Bondi Rescue – that’s a good one. Time goes so fast when I’m picturing myself on Bondi Beach not paranoid about how I look in my swimmers, just enjoying myself for once! (which actually happened 2 weeks ago as they filmed BR in the background… be careful what you wish for!)

I STOPPED WRITING HERE because after writing all of that I felt like going for a walk! It was awesome…

What movement makes you happy? If you’re not sure, I suggest you try something new. Zumba, water aerobics, swimming, trapeze, whatever you think looks fun and doesn’t make you hate life.

I tried a hard core weights and a circuit class. I wanted to vom & literally couldn’t walk for a week. And I never went back. I went to Ballet Barre class instead (at Pulse Studio in Mortdale, come & try it! We laugh so hard) and I was beaming for days. Still a little sore, but I loved every minute of it & I am addicted now!

So, love yourself and your beautiful body enough to move it, stretch it, make it stronger. Your brain will light up like a Christmas tree and you’ll be more aware of what you’re putting into it and how it feels.

Is your mind and body connected? I used to ignore what my body was telling me until it had to scream at me. Now, I hear even the small voice and am rewarded every day for paying attention. I feel GOOD. Once you know the feeling, you won’t want to go back.

I have to say if it’s weight loss you’re interested in it’s 95% about your mind+food. The 5% that exercise contributes is really about how it makes you feel – which in turn helps you make better decisions (mainly around food) and also in general.

I move my body because I love it, not to punish it!

P.s. Also helps that I have the BEST sports bra! I can hook you up!

9 thoughts on “#5 Do I really need to go to the gym?

  1. Loving your little corner of the internet, Cassy, and I’m so proud to know you! What an inspiration you are. Love your writing! Remember that time we jogged around Centennial?! Rosh xx


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