#8 3 of my weight loss essentials .

It’s taken me this long to talk about what I actually consume because I really wanted to focus on the mindset thing first. Without it I could tell you anything and it just wouldn’t work!

What we put into our bodies is the 2nd most important thing that determines how we feel and the way we look in our clothes.

Here are my top 3 essentials.


Ok it’s actually my obsession. I sip on it all day & I find it stops me from even thinking about what I’m going to eat next until I’m actually hungry and need food.

  • It keeps me super hydrated (I’m tested regularly for hydration)
  • Keeps my energy levels so consistent. I used to drink coffee until I realised that the high coffee gives you is always followed up by a swift kick up the arse of a crash in your energy which either sends you looking for another coffee, a bed or FOOD. When I’m tired my body looks for food for energy. When I drink green tea my energy is much more stable (avoiding sugar will do this too) & actually I’m more of an energiser bunny these days and if I do drink a coffee it sends me a little over the edge (ask my friends or husband they can always tell when I’ve had a coffee – I’m slightly unhinged & talk WAY too fast)
  • Green tea also has a little boost for your metabolism – combine this with increasing the amount of muscle you have on your body and what you get is a fat burning machine. Um yes please.
  • Now there are a heap of other benefits that you can find out about if you’re interested just one more tip from me. Jasmine green is the tastiest. Less bitter.

Here’s where to get it: T2 has a beautiful range & will give you testers if you ask. My fave is China Jasmine, loose leaf or bags & while you’re there the travel tea bottles are the BEST thing I have bought for travelling with tea. They keep it freakishly hot ALL day.

My beautiful friend Liz has a tea shop in Woolooware in South Sydney called Paper & Poppies (which is where the above pic is from – love that cup!) and has beautiful a Jasmine green that they will make fresh for you to sip-in or take-away.

On the go sneak into McDonalds drive through because their Jasmine is great. Just avoid the fries with that.

At the supermarket I prefer the Dilmah brand – do try it.

Oh another tea café that I love is The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar in Chippendale or online. Go try any of their tea concoctions. See I’m obsessed with tea.


OK again I’m going to say I know I’m no doctor. From my own experience probiotics are a game changer.

When I take them…
I don’t get sick.
I poo.
I don’t get food poisoning even when travelling & I eat what everyone else is eating.

That’s good enough for me.

HOWEVER I also did my research and there’s a lot out there linking probiotics with weight loss. A healthy gut isn’t just a fad it’s a well kept secret & one that you want to know about.

Where to get it: Yes most chemists & pharmacy’s stock them in the fridge and now out of the fridge for travelling. To get the best try a health food shop (there’s an amazing new store just opened in Mortdale opposite the IGA car park entrance) or a naturopath (mine’s in Miranda or Naturopath Sydney on Facebook).

3. PROTEIN (bread)

We have a saying when it comes to eating meals after surgery ‘protein first’.

So we have our protein and our vegies/salad but the protein is the most important thing to eat first and then if we have any room left after that get the vegies in too. It’s extreme so for normal stomachs that can fit everything in as long as you have protein in each meal you’re onto it. Breakfast is a hard one. I can’t stomach eggs every morning so my go to’s are greek yoghurt with nuts/seeds/berries or high protein bread. I’ve been through the no carbs thing, it’s bloody hard and impossible to do long term. So instead of the all-or-nothing approach that made me put on weight in the past I choose now to let some carbs into my life for my sanity. Enter high protein bread.

Where to get it: The brand I love is Herman Brot & I’ve found it at IGA. I load it with avo & tomato, or cheese & vegemite, or half a banana for breakfast. It’s not cheap but I only have 1 slice per day.

If you have any questions or tips for me send me a comment, I read them all.

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