#3 The lowdown.

WOW! My little blog has been seen in Australia, NZ, UK, US, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Finland, Cambodia, Canada, Indonesia, Russia, Sweden, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Ireland, France & Singapore, Germany & Switzerland. This is blowing me away! Thank you for coming back & for sharing. You never know who this will reach & who needs to hear it.

Back to my story.

There are so many ways to ‘lose’ weight. Though I had yet to find a way that made me healthy, thin & happy all at the same time.

Two years ago I met that gorgeous girl I mentioned in the last post. She had always been gorgeous — I’ve seen the ‘before’ photos. And when I met her she had lost about 50kg and was feeling great, and she looked it, too. I was 135kg at the time. Yep, 1-3-5. She knew I needed to know how she had lost the weight that had given her her life back. She also gave me her doctor’s number.

She’d had surgery — what is medically referred to as bariatric surgery. An awful word, bariatric. Hate it. Bleh. I was so against this idea when my doctor had suggested it to me 15kg lighter & 2 years earlier, however once I saw what it could actually do, once I saw what I could achieve, and since I’d lost weight and put it back on every other way, I thought to myself, ‘this is a phone call I’ll be making. Like tomorrow’.

This is how I look at it. If I had a friend who was a drug addict, or an alcoholic and there was an operation that would save their life, I’d be all for it. 100%.

Though, for some reason when it comes to weight loss surgery it’s different.

If you don’t know much about these surgeries, I’ll fill you in. There’s a few to choose from. The band, the sleeve and the bypass. I had the bypass. What the bypass does is change the size of your stomach so you can’t fit as much into it in one go. The rest of your stomach is reattached further down, and no food can get to it.

The choices and quality of food, the frequency of eating, the amount I move my body and the reason I eat is still all on me. That is why not everyone who has weight loss surgery makes it to their ideal weight, or even a healthy one.

What did I do that made the difference? I believe it is 100 percent up to mindset.

I have my MIND SET.

I try to prioritise my mindset every day. For my little boys, for my relationships, for my business, for my own health.

There are also many other things that I did and I can’t wait to share them all with you, especially around mindset.

So let’s start here…
Here’s a little ‘how-to’ on what I did in my mind once I decided to go for it. First you need to be REALLY clear about what it is you want.

Not what you DON’T want. Picture what you want your reality to be. Until you know where you’re going you have no idea how to get there, right? This can relate to anything you choose. Go on, what is it you REALLY want in 2017?

Write it down. Get it clear. Find an image that represents it — whatever it takes to have it part of your every day life.

Once you’ve got that down it’s time to commit yourself. Don’t over think it. Tell someone, don’t tell someone. Whatever works for you. Just be clear, picture it, say it out loud, say it inside your head. Say it, see it & feel it until you are the living version of it. Get emotionally attached to the idea and everything you will experience around it. That is the first step.

A little note here about how your mind works. If you’re anything like I used to be my mind would have interjected at some point in this process and told me that this is all a waste of time & that I wasn’t capable of making this work. If this is not the case for you today, fabulous! Start and don’t look back, however if it is, good news, you’re ‘normal’! Again I don’t know about you, but I was just sick of that way of doing life! Literally sick. Where had it gotten me up until then? Not reaching my potential, getting more unhealthy by the day, not enjoying the confidence and life I already had & certainly not having the life I really wanted.

ENOUGH. Since when does living small & not loving yourself help ANYONE?

Do I want to be that message to the world? To my family? To the people I care about? That being mean or harsh or negative is the way to get things done? That’s what bullies do. I want to show others that love, nurturing and positivity can have a much BIGGER impact than anything you can imagine.

Do you not go the extra mile for people you really like? Start with yourself, baby!

As a bra fitter I see & hear so many beautiful women only speak about what they don’t like. In fact, hate about themselves. I just don’t think that’s the answer. What are we teaching our children and teenagers? I want my boys to love & respect themselves and it starts with me. More next time x

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